Welcome to the Community Film Fund!

A new $35,000 matching fund to help smaller non-profits make impactful videos for their branding, marketing and fundraising.

The CFF will “match” monies up to $5000 per organization. A letter stating that the funds have been raised is a requirement with the grant application. We believe the Community Film Fund will help give a voice through video to our local organizations as well as create jobs for our local filmmakers.


* You must be a 501c3 non-profit organization.
* This first round will be for organizations with annual budgets of $600,000 or less
* Provide a letter of confirmation (from the Executive Director or Board Chair) stating you have raised the matching funds
* Grant requests will be for no less than $1,500. and not more than $5,000.
* Provide a detailed timeline for the project (video must be completed within one year of receiving funds)
* Credit BFMC’s Community Film Fund as a funder of the video in any promotional materials
* Read our suggested steps to creating a film/video project.
* Provide BFMC with a copy of the finished product for us to share on our website
* Submit a short grant report upon completion of the video