Three new workshops with Marilyn R. Atlas to be held in June

Learn from a legendary literary/talent manager what’s hot in Hollywood, the best ways to pitch your script, and how character arcs can strengthen your story.

Based on the extremely positive feedback on our winter online classes with Hollywood literary/talent manager and producer Marilyn R. Atlas, Berkshire Film and Media Collaborative is pleased to present a series of workshops that builds on the January courses and expands on need-to-know topics.

These new classes go deeper, giving you additional opportunities to develop and try out pitching tools and skills; explore character arcs in depth; and gain first-hand knowledge of what types of stories are most marketable in Hollywood today.

With your interests in mind, we’ve worked with Marilyn to bring you three new workshops:

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  • Wednesday, June 3, 6–8pm (EDT)

    What’s Hot in Hollywood: The Current State of the Film and Television Marketplace

    In this two-hour workshop, Marilyn will share her first-hand knowledge about what studios and producers are buying right now, the types of projects being “green lit” by film and television studios, and how to get your project “seen.” You’ll discover the most effective ways to reach out to managers and assistants at production companies, and you’ll learn best practices to keep your screenplay from sinking to the bottom of the pile. Marilyn will guide you through crucial topics including talent attachments, IMDB Pro, NDAs, film contests, the importance of YouTube, how to get representation, the impact of streaming companies, and what to do if you’re not in LA or New York. To make the most of this workshop, we’ll gather your questions on these topics in advance so Marilyn can effectively address what you want to know.

    Cost: $45; student rate $30

  • Thursday, June 10, 6–8pm (EDT)

    Perfect Pitch: Creating a Powerful Treatment and Pitch Deck/Look Book

    One of the most riveting aspects of Marilyn’s January courses was the focus on loglines. Now you’ll get the chance to apply those lessons in this hands-on, interactive workshop. You’ll learn what goes into a successful pitch deck and what elements should be included in your treatment, two critical tools you need to get potential buyers and talent interested in your project. You’ll review and discuss examples of treatments provided by Marilyn, and you’ll learn the optimal way to present yourself as the best person for your project.

    Advance preparation
    Bring your logline and practice your pitch by trying it out on Marilyn, who will give you the feedback you need to make it shine. Enrollment is limited to 20 to ensure you’ll have plenty of time to pitch to Marilyn and get answers to your questions.

    Cost: $65; student rate $45

  • Thursday, June 24, 6–8pm (EDT)

    Navigating Character Arcs: Hone Your Script by Deepening Your Character

    Knowing your character inside and out will give your script an authenticity that draws people in; it allows you to tailor plot points that chart your character’s emotional and spiritual progress. This workshop will get you to the next level; you’ll learn about how delving into why your characters go about things the way they do, why they sometimes feel alone, why they don’t have more support, and what’s stopping them—which will enable you to refine your theme, strengthen your script, and make your mark as a storyteller. You’ll gain insight on how to deepen your character’s arc, ensure that you have meaningful conflict stemming from diverse POVs, get into your character’s head and feel the pulse of a scene, and make every scene unfold and expand so it feels like a real-time, but still interesting, development.

    Advance preparation:
    Come prepared to discuss some prime examples of character development by watching (or rewatching) the films Moonlight and Get Out, the pilot episodes of Breaking Bad and Fleabag, and the second season premiere of Fleabag. This class is also limited to just 20 participants. Marilyn is going to cover a lot of ground and we want to ensure you get a quality learning experience, including plenty of time for interaction and Q&A.

    Cost: $65; student rate $45