Kemble Street Studios

A Film and Education Center on Shakespeare & Company’s Campus

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The Berkshires Region has a long history of innovation in the arts, attracting, nurturing, and growing countless writers, musicians, painters, and thespians. A number of organizations directly support the Creative Economy in the Berkshires, including Shakespeare & Company, Tanglewood, Jacob’s Pillow, Berkshire Theatre Group, Barrington Stage, Williamstown Theatre Festival and the Berkshire International Film Festival.

However, support for film/media creation and education is glaringly absent. There is both a need and opportunity to create a compelling and aspirational attractor for young and rising creatives in this industry in our region.


Kemble Street Studios is a creative film and media education center, housed inside a state-of-the-art production facility, located on the S&Co campus. KSS is a mixed studio, lab, and classroom environment dedicated to education in the art and craft of filmmaking and media development, establishing the Berkshires an international destination for media thought leadership and production, while also being accessible to everyone living in the Berkshires. KSS envisions an inclusive environment where diversity and multicultural viewpoints are welcome and supports this with scholarships and proactive outreach.

The KSS facility is designed to support modern film and media making, and will feature live, virtual and augmented reality production, as well as post-production capabilities such as editing, sound mixing, and color correction. KSS’s virtual production capabilities offer filmmakers something difficult to find in our region, interactively blending the physical world with the virtual. Streaming media technology will permit internet-based distribution of original Berkshire content. These capabilities can also be applied to education, medical, and advanced manufacturing needs.


The KSS educational curriculum has three components which work together holistically: Craft, Communication, and Creation.

Craft includes essential film and video skills of cinematography, editing, sound mixing, lighting and sound design, color correction, and general production. Additionally, KSS provides a unique focus on virtual production, which is rapidly emerging as critical to film and video creation. We have the knowledge base to teach in this realm as well.

Communication and interpersonal skills such as persuasive speaking, writing, presentation, and emotional intelligence help students more easily work in fast-paced and distributed environments.

Creation requires creativity, which requires context – i.e., understanding what, how, and why we got to each point in cinematic production is critical to brilliant filmmaking. Working with teams of leading thinkers from colleges, universities, and the international film and arts communities helps prepare for, and define, what’s coming next.

KSS will be a thought-leader in film and media arts, hosting directors, actors and media experts to examine the rapidly evolving world of film and media in a think tank setting. It will offer residencies to icons in cinema and scholarships to diverse and promising students both from regional communities and from around the globe. KSS will seek a relationship with a national research university to guarantee program support from the best and brightest minds in academia.

KSS builds on overlapping areas of expertise with S&Co and expands the reach and opportunities of their current programming, continuing to develop the reputation of the Berkshires as a destination for education in the arts. KSS adds film and media making to the world-class arts organizations inhabiting the Berkshires that make it an American premier cultural destination.

KSS will:

• Develop the best creative problem-solvers and media storytellers in the world
• Centralize and attract commercial media production to the Berkshire region
• Cultivate conversation around what makes good cinema and responsible media 
messaging and the effects that film, television, advertising and the visual media have on 
• Provide an inspirational space for filmmakers to have the artistic freedom to define and 
produce what’s next in film and media
• Stream and broadcast inspiring original content from the heart of the Berkshires

• Empower Berkshire region residents to explore new career, creative, and expressive outlets by providing inspiration and training through school and community programs, building on S&Co’s model
• Embrace and support the core values and goals of S&Co and other cultural institutions
• Support the goals of the Berkshire Blueprint 2.0, including workforce readiness, support for and expansion of the Creative Economy, and creating incentive for population retention and expansion