Jacob Provo

Year Started: 2013
Phone Number: 636-222-3584


Current Head writer for Cabochon Studios

I have written for several short films in the St. Louis area, both personal projects and outside projects. As well, I directed all of my own produced short film projects.

My skill set is both screenwriting for cinematic work and vlog style shorts (YouTube for an example), as well as cinematography.

Films I have worked on:

Gravity Gun (Short Film, 2017) (writer)

Defiance (Short Film, 2017) (writer/director)

Eviction (Short Film, 2017) (writer/director)

Contrast (Short Film, 2017) (cinematographer/director)

Stalker (Short Film, 2017) (cinematographer)

If You're Watching This (Short Film, 2nd place winner Jefferson college 48 hour film contest 2017) (Writer, Director)

Visions (Short Film, 2017) (writer/director)

Project Home Productions YouTube channel (writer/director) (2015-current)

Other projects:

Cabochon Studios (Lead Game Writer/Narrative consultant)
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