Lynne Meryl Koenigsberg

Year Started: 1975
Union Affiliations: Other
Phone Number: (413)268-6141
Contact email:


I'm a very young looking 65 year old. Talented in many areas and passionate about entertainment, singing, acting, costume design, backstage props production...motivated to accomplish any task needed. I'm zany and up for anything. Fun personality, kind, generous, industrious, perfectionist and a value to any team. Not a big ego..... Just love to do this stuff.
I've made my living as a professional vocalist with big bands and small bands and am now also performing solo shows also with tracks and costumes and humor. I'm great with old folks. I Know their music and have a BIG HEART and a winning smile.
I can do any job you put me to and will always give it my 100 percent+
I have many "looks" and characters. Check out the performance page of my website...especially near the bottom of the page where Madam Ida and some other aspects of Lynne are displayed. I'm originally Jewish from NYC but am international in experience and design. I'm a Spiritual, love child, hippie..never growing up! BUT also very smart, clever, many more words do I have....ha ha ha ha me!
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