Cast and crew of “A Tree. A Rock. A Cloud.” Directed by Karen Allen. Sandisfield, MA, June 2017

The Berkshire Film and Media Collaborative (BFMC) creates educational, workforce and production opportunities in the film and media industry as an economic initiative for the western Massachusetts region.


  • Develops courses, lectures and seminars at our local colleges, universities and high schools
  • Creates job opportunities for local professionals in the film and media industry
  • Networks our local professionals and introduces them to local businesses who need film/video for their marketing, promotion and social media.
  • Acts as a resource for visiting productions providing connections to local cast, crew and services.

The newly created Community Film Fund provides matching funds to small, local nonprofits to create impactful videos for fundraising, marketing and branding, with an emphasis on bringing diverse and underserved voices to the forefront.

BFMC is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.



Diane Pearlman, Executive Director

Diane is an independent entertainment producer, studio executive and business woman with 30 years experience in media creation and production. Her specialty is digital film production, animation and feature film visual effects.

Diane is currently serving as Executive Director of the Berkshire Film and Media Collaborative (BFMC), a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and facilitating film and media production in the Berkshire region of western Massachusetts ( BFMC’s offers workforce training and networking events for local professionals. It’s newly established Community Film Fund provides matching monies to local nonprofits to make impactful videos for their branding, marketing and social media.

Diane recently produced the award-winning short film, A Tree A Rock A Cloud, based on the short story by Carson McCullers, written and directed by actor, Karen Allen, as well as the short film, You Have A Voice for the Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus/Berkshire Section about young women, leadership and civic engagement. Her current slate of feature projects includes the refugee story, Weeping Under This Same Moon, by Jana Laiz, a screen adaptation of Edith Wharton’s novel, Summer, by feature film art director/ production designer, Carl Sprague, and Mumbet: A Free Woman, the true story of Elizabeth “Mumbet’ Freeman, the first slave in Massachusetts to take her owner to court and win her freedom.

Diane has directed and produced projects locally for 1Berkshire, Berkshire United Way, McCann Technical School, Age Friendly Berkshires & the ROPE Program (Rites of Passage and Empowerment Program for young women of color in Pittsfield). She is currently partnering with Great Barrington Public Theater to direct/produce a series of original short films about nature by local Berkshire playwrights.

Diane served as Production Manager for the creation of a web-based health initiative for Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA. She has also produced several industrial animation projects for Ben Hillman & Company of Sheffield, MA as well as the animated sequence for Spike Lee’s film, She Hate Me, directed by Hillman.

Diane was Executive Producer and General Manager of Mass.Illusion, a visual effects movie studio located in Lenox, Massachusetts and Alameda, California. From 1993 to 1998, she oversaw up to 200 employees and a through put of $8-$10 million per year on such films as The Matrix (Academy Award 2000, Best Visual Effects), What Dreams May Come (Academy Award 1999, Best Visual Effects), Starship Troopers, Evita, Eraser, Die Hard with a Vengeance, Judge Dredd, The Scarlet Letter, and Event Horizon.

In addition to her award winning visual effects, Diane served as Supervising Producer for the production of three specialty films attractions for Circus Circus’ hotel, LUXOR LAS VEGAS. The $50M project was produced at The Trumbull Company, Lenox, MA. During that time, she produced the award winning behind-the-scenes documentary, “The Making of Luxor” for Director Scott Morris.

Prior to that, Diane worked for R/Greenberg Associates in New York City where she produced countless commercials and feature film title sequences.

Diane holds a degree from Vassar College and attended Princeton University and NYU Film School.  She is Chairman of the Board of Berkshire Pulse, a performing arts center in Housatonic, MA. She also serves on the Board of Directors of the 1Berkshire Foundation. She is an active member of New York Women in Film and Television, The Massachusetts Production Coalition, New England Women in Film and The Visual Effects Society. Diane lives in Great Barrington, MA with her husband and two sons.

Feature Films:

WEEPING UNDER THIS SAME MOON, Producer (In development) – Writer/screenwriter Jana Laiz

MUMBET, Producer (In development) – Writers Jana Laiz & Ann-Elizabeth Barnes

COWGIRLS ARE FOREVER, Exec. Prod. (In development) (Barbara Newman/Nancy Novack, Directors)

SUMMER, Producer (In development) (Carl Sprague, Director)

A TREE. A ROCK. A CLOUD., Producer (Karen Allen, Director)

LIKE LAMBS, Associate Producer (Ted Marcus, Director)

SHE HATE ME, Animation/Visual Effects Producer (Spike Lee – 2004)

THE MATRIX, Visual Effects Executive Producer (The Wachowski’s, Directors)                                          2000 Academy Award, Best Visual Effects

WHAT DREAMS MAY COME, Visual Effects Executive Producer (Vincent Ward, Director)            1999 Academy Award, Best Visual Effects

JUDGE DREDD Visual Effects Producer (Danny Cannon, Director)

ERASER, Visual Effects Sequence Producer (Chuck Russell, Director)

DIE HARD WITH A VENGENCE, Visual Effects Producer (John McTiernan, Director)

STARSHIP TROOPERS, Visual Effects Sequence Producer (Paul Verhoevan, Director)

EVITA, Visual Effects Sequence Producer (Alan Parker, Director)

EVENT HORIZON, Visual Effects Sequence Producer (Paul W. S. Anderson, Director)

SCARLET LETTER, Visual Effects Sequence Producer (Roland Joffé, Director)

Special Projects:

“AGE FRIENDLY BERKSHIRES,” Director/Producer (Berkshires Tomorrow, Inc.)

“UNITED AT THE TABLE,” Director/Producer (Berkshire United Way)

“YOU HAVE A VOICE,” Producer (Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus)

“FROM STRENGTH TO STRENGTH,” Director/Producer (Hevreh of Southern Berkshire)

“HAPPY IN THE BERKSHIRES,” Producer (Rich Bradway, Director)

LUXOR LAS VEGAS SPECIALY THEME PARK FILMS, Supervising Producer (Doug Trumbull, Director)

THE MAKING OF LUXOR, Producer (Scott Morris, Director)


McCann Technical School,” Co-Director/Producer

1Berkshire “LIFE IS CALLING,” Branding Campaign, Director/Producer

Kodak, Life Savers, Diner’s Club, Sony, Kraft, Hallmark Entertainment, Time/Warner, IBM as   Visual Effects Producer